Cheryl has been providing intuitive counseling and coaching for over 25 years. Clients find the wisdom offered in these sessions to be direct, powerful, and transformative, yet very practical when it comes to applying these insights to daily life.

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Intuitive Readings

Individual sessions are provided in person at Cheryl's Greensboro, NC, office or across the globe by phone. Initial sessions last about 1-1/2 hours; follow-up sessions are scheduled in half-hour increments. All sessions are recorded in MP3 format. Here's a link to some info on how intuitive readings work.

Cheryl also offers intuitive sessions for all types of groups--from boards of directors and departmental teams to families and friends. Group sessions include a general reading for those present as well as a short reading for each person in attendance.

personal & professional Coaching

Now that you know what needs to be changed, how are you going to implement all the insights you've been given? Cheryl can help you in the journey to your next best self by providing ongoing counseling, accountability, and practical, step-by-step guidance. Coaching packages are available for those who desire regular assistance in moving forward.

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