Unconventional Wisdom for a Conventional World...

Change happens. Plain and simple, yet complex, confusing, and scary. Yet, it doesn't need to be.

Tap into the deep wisdom and intuitive insights Cheryl Bridges has gained as a change management consultant, chaplain, and counselor. As a speaker/facilitator, coach, consultant, counselor, and self-love thought leader, Cheryl helps organizations, groups, and individuals to smoothly navigate change at every level.

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Change Consulting

Do you even know what needs to be changed with your business? Is it people, processes, policies, or a little of all those and more? Maybe it's you! Find out how change consulting services from Cheryl can assist you with figuring out and implementing the answers.


Whether it's as a guest blogger, feature writer, or book author, writing is one of Cheryl's passions and a common thread through all that she does.


Cheryl is a captivating keynote speaker, guest author, and award-winning artist on a variety of topics related to: thriving in change; creativity & imagination; passion & purpose; growth through self-awareness & self-love; and, spirituality.

She also officiates sacred rituals and ceremonies and serves as a home funeral/natural death care educator.


 Counseling & Coaching

Through individual and group sessions, Cheryl offers intuitive counseling and coaching to those seeking to improve their lives, their careers, and those in the throes of unavoidable life transitions.

Professional Collaboration

Cheryl works with other consultants and entrepreneurs to expand their capacity and with fellow counselors to assist with clients who are stuck.