Here's just a small listing of the workshops I present:

Journaling can include a variety of techniques, doodling and other creative approaches, and can come from various perspectives, including spiritual, professional, or personal!

Reflection & Journaling

"We don't learn by reflecting on experience." When we bring our reflection out of our heads and onto paper through journaling, we integrate the left and right brain. This leads to new insights and creative observations that simply thinking about it won't give us. In this workshop, we explore a number of reflection techniques and do a writing exercise in each class.


Let Your Life Speak

"Let Your Life Speak" is an 7-week exploration of our passions and purpose, motivations and fears, and the ways we can live authentically in the world. Through images and imagination, we look beyond our surfaces and deep into our dreams and desires for living a fulfilled life.


Other Workshops & PLAYTIMES

Contact me to schedule half-day, one-day, or extended workshops on a variety of topics. Here's some more titles:

  • Creative Healing
  • Art Journaling
  • Journaling as a Spiritual Practice
  • The Anatomy of Anger
  • Aging Well: Living Your Legacy
  • Caring for Our Own at Death (home funeral care)
  • 5 Things Quakers Can Teach the World


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