Professional Collaboration

As solo entrepreneurs, consultants and counselors can find themselves in need of a temporary team member to help them through unique challenges. Cheryl assists in a variety of ways other professionals who have short-term or long-term needs.

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Build your Capacity

As a consultant, you can't be in two places at once even if you'd like to be. There are findings to be compiled, interviews to be done, and other commitments that coincide. Cheryl can extend your capacity to address simultaneous demands by serving as a contracted colleague on-site or in other capacities. Instead of turning down potential jobs or new clients, engage Cheryl to represent you or in other roles as needed.

Clear Client Blocks

Most counselors and consultants have a client or two with whom they cannot make headway, despite their best efforts. Cheryl provides an intuitive reading to consultants and private counseling clients to develop what she calls a "curriculum for counseling."

The counseling curriculum identifies the underlying issues at hand--which often are unintentionally sublimated--and helps you and your client prioritize your work together. Consultants gain information that will help them move forward more successfully with their difficult client situations. A curriculum for counseling is also helpful for your individual clients who want to take a more expeditious route toward addressing obstacles and issues in their lives.

Get additional input

Entrepreneurs don't always have ready access to broad assistance at an executive level. Cheryl connects clients with financial, legal, operational, technological, and other professionals for expert guidance on a one-time or regular basis. They can also serve as your Board of Directors or as an advisory board through quarterly and/or annual meetings.