Sharing an Awesome Year!

This past Monday, millions of Americans breathed a sigh of relief after sending off their tax returns to Uncle Sam. Personally, I didn't need my accountant to tell me that 2015 was a fabulous year. Let me tell you the reasons why I'm doing a happy dance and how I want to share the goodness with you!

2015 saw the writing and launch of my ebook, "Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love" (aka, #creativeselflove). You already now that 'cause I announced it to the world when it was finally published! The book is a delicious dive into the senses with its own art gallery & YouTube playlist, as well as a close look at the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual aspects and effects of loving ourselves. There are daily activities, reflections, & affirmations, plus countless resource links on every page.

If you haven't checked into it, at least hook up with the playlist and give yourself a boost of positivity! Keep your eyes open in 2016 for a creative self-love coloring book and the "Creative Self-Love Primer" (print book).

In addition to an ebook, I was delighted to speak in 2015 to several groups & congregation and to facilitate a number of workshops & classes aimed at helping people access their own inner wisdom and creativity. My main topics revolve around reflection & journaling with creative journaling & self-exploration blended in. Then, there were my "Creative Healing" workshops where all of that is combined with movement & improv to bring participants to a deeper level of inner awareness and peace.

Alongside all of that has been the privilege of working with a record number of clients in 2015. It is such a joy to discern with clients new approaches, expanded possibilities, and practical tools that will help them shift their circumstances and lead to outcomes that are better than they ever hoped for!! I'm grateful to be trusted as a spiritual coach and channel as the lives of many evolve and unfold in beautiful ways.

So, what's all this have to do with you? Well, for those of you who have participated in making 2015 an astounding success, I say THANK YOU! For those of you who haven't, I say WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

For each and every one of you, I' sharing my delight by offering 15% off all my intuitive reading sessions. Yep, a rare discount for new & returning clients, near & far clients, old & young client, and everyone in between.

That means for a new client session or a 1-1/2 hour returning client session, instead of $165, you'll pay $140. For a 1-hour returning client session, you'll pay $93 rather than $110; 2-hour returning client sessions are discounted from $220 to $187. Share this with friends, and you'll both get the discount!

Intuitive reading sessions can be done via phone or in person at my home office in Greensboro, NC. The cool thing about being an intuitive is that I can even provide a reading without you being present at all, if that's what you prefer. All sessions are recorded for you in MP3 format.

Right now, all you need do is contact me to purchase any number of sessions at this rate. You can schedule your prepaid sessions throughout the year - as you desire, when you desire. They won't expire. But, the rate will! This offer is good until Friday, April 29th, at 7pm.

So, if you anticipate scheduling a session in the days, weeks, or even months to come, I invite you to take full advantage of the discount offer. As always, I'm grateful to work with you through Spirit, with or without the discount.

I look forward to all of you helping make 2016 another great year and to helping you breathe a sigh of relief, too!