Living Your Truth

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Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted! The old saying, "Time flies while you're having fun," is really true in my case. My intuitive counseling practice has grown tremendously in the past year. And, ever the student of life, I've been learning alot about myself and human nature.

One of the most fun and enlightening discoveries I've made in the past year is an energy profiling tool called Live Your Truth, developed by teacher, energy therapist, and best-selling author, Carol Tuttle (below). Live Your Truth (LYT) looks at a number of  categories, including innate behaviors, physical features, and inner and outer traits, to capture one's authentic energy type. Although we all are a combination of the four energy types, one type is typically dominant. Once that's determined, everything--from attire to career, from business and personal relationships to parenting--can be authentically aligned based on type.

Carol Tuttle, creator of Live Your Truth Energy Profiling System

Carol Tuttle, creator of Live Your Truth Energy Profiling System

What's so amazing is that the way we doodle, our communication preferences, even the music and movies we prefer point toward our natural energy. When we are shamed for who we naturally are (anybody ever hear, "Settle down! You're too much!" or "Speak up! You're too quiet!"?), we tend to adapt to what others and our culture expect of us. LYT helps us undo learned behaviors and judgments--our own and others'--by teaching us how to align more accurately with our natural energy.

I've found that majority of what's available online about LYT (and there's scads out there!) is focused on attire and features mostly white, heterosexual women. But, after digging into Carol's books on authentic living, I discovered a plethora of information that guides all of us in living the truth of who we really are in every facet of life.

Over the past few months, I've slowly adopted wardrobe changes and other advice based on my dominant energy type (Type 1). But, the biggest change I've made is internal. I've come to accept more and more the innate gifts and strengths of my energy type. I've begun to catch the self-judgments I play in my head based on what I heard growing up. All those mental too-much and not-enough statements are finally getting stopped in their tracks!

And, I've been totally amazed at the external results I've observed in applying the LYT guidelines. Almost every day, I hear comments--from friends and total strangers--about how "glowing" I look. It's not compliments on my clothing or accessories, just honest feedback that shows how aligned I feel inside with my authentic self. The discord between my natural self and the self I show to the world is dissolving quickly.

I encourage you to check out Carol's website and learn about her energy profiling system. Follow her videos to determine what your dominant energy type is. If you'd like to learn more in person, I've developed a fun, interactive workshop that helps people sift through their energy options as we discuss the uniqueness of each type.

The world will be an amazing place when we all learn how to live authentically aligned with who we really are. It's a great day to begin Living Your Truth!