Something's Coming!

For weeks, I've had a sense of a major transition ahead of me. Kinda like the song in "West Side Story" - SOMETHIN'S COMIN'. A huge shift after years of learning to live authentically and integratively from my heart rather than just from my thinking-thinking-thinking head.

Tonight's eclipse that actually starts tomorrow (how cool that it starts on the other side of the international date line and makes its way back to today!) echoes my feeling that it's time for a new story to begin. Time for a new door to open. And, that newness is most readily explored and identified through CREATIVE IMAGINATION. Yep, I didn't make that up. Those are the words used by astrologers. Fer realz.

My book, "Me, Myself, and I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love," is a product of my evolution into a heart-felt, creativity-connected life. Since its inception thirteen months ago, I've challenged myself to live even more closely aligned with my passions and my sense of purpose. Some days go swimmingly well. Others, well, let's just say my monkey mind still needs some training.

I know I can do better. BE better. Give more time to creative imagination. Live in heart space that includes taming my monkey mind, doing less, and b-e'ing more. Allowing myself to doodle and paint despite my internal Andrew Carnegie pulling out his pad and pencil to balance my checkbook. Fifteen or thirty minutes of sitting quietly and connecting with That Which Is as an investment in my own evolution that, more often than not, leads to more abundance, not less.

And now, the galaxy is demonstrating that it's time to connect to the unseen realms my undivided attention. Time to engage with my creative imagination through art, music, writing, dance--whatever feels right--to gain a clearer understanding of the door I want to be opening. Time to envision the next chapter in my life's story. Time to release dammed up stagnations that prevent complete healing and unblocked expression.

I invite you to join me for this auspicious opportunity to do some inner exploration. Spend time in the next few days connecting with your own creativity and imagination. Imagine the new story you want to be living, the new door you want to open. YOU get to decide what's on the other side of that door. YOU get to determine how your own story goes, the one in which you are the empowered hero, rather than the hopeless victim.

Settle into some quiet space. What do you want to see blossom from the seeds you've planted along the path of your life? How can you go from SCARED living into SACRED living? Ask these and other questions in the deep richness of silence and stillness and see what answers float to the surface.

The door is unlocked. The story is ready. Now is the time, the heavens are telling us.