A Daily Dose of Creative Self-Love

Isn’t it wonderful that Valentine’s comes in February, right smack in the middle of winter (for those of us in the northern hemisphere)? It’s a perfect time to thaw our frozen hands, feet, and hearts and to move us ahead into more self-love.

Actually, my book, “Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self Love” (www.creativeselflove.com) was inspired by Valentine’s Day. Even if we’re in the throes of a fabulous relationship, there’s always room to love ourselves more than we already do. And, for some of us…well, there’s a first time for everything!

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If you’ve read my book, you already know it’s chockful of insights and wisdom about how to begin your journey toward self-love. At the end of each day, there are affirmations, journaling exercises, and activities to get your creative juices flowing (ergo, the “creative” part of self-love). Woven into every page are photos, artwork, and songs that help you connect to daily topics. To quote one comment I received on the book, “It’s a lot!”

It is indeed a lot. In fact, you could spend way more than 28 days pouring through it and gleaning every nugget and tidbit it contains. You could listen for hours to the YouTube playlist or spend quite a while browsing the art gallery. And, I hope you do!

It may be, though, you don’t have hours to spend on creativity right now, much less on learning to love yourself. Believe me, I completely understand. That’s why I’m creating something called, “The Daily Dose” for the month of February. In 30 minutes or less, you can get a thimbleful of information from each day’s topic at 9pm via Periscope livestream (download the smartphone app), find the podcasts on this website, via links to it on social media outlets, and on katch.me.

Every one of us needs a daily dose of self-love, don’t we?! Less than thirty minutes of learning to love yourself just a little bit more. You can afford it (it’s free). You’re worth it (really). No doubt, you deserve it. Lock yourself in the bathroom, hide under the covers, or sit in your car if you need to claim some solitary space. Bring some paper and a pen for notes. And, tune in wherever you can. Whenever you can.

Take a daily dose of something that’s really good for you. No long list of side effects except for more joy, more laughter, and, hopefully, more love for the most important person in your life—you!