What's Self-Love Got to Do With It?

Some people have commented about this self-love initiative I'm facilitating for the month of February, 28 Days of Creative Self-Love. "Isn't that kind of selfish?" "I already have alot of love in my life. Why do I have to love myself unconditionally?" "Just the idea of self-love makes me feel uneasy." "Exactly what do you mean by 'self-love' anyway?" Most people want to find success in relationships, finances, and careers, yet they never consider that the surest path to all of that and more is the journey toward self-love.

Our culture definitely has an issue with what looks like self-absorption. We have many phrases to capture it as a negative state of being. Remember saying things like, "She's stuck on herself," "He's full of himself," or, "She thinks she hung the moon."? Yet, if we don't have a healthy level of what I call "self-orientation," we tend to look to others for approval. Someone else sets your standards, telling you what's okay and not okay, what to wear, where to be. Without self-love, you might keep overly busy to prove your worth to your lovers, friends, or bosses. You might stay at home rather than going out for fear of rejection. Or, like a friend of mine, go out anyway and be the stand-up comic at a party to ensure you're accepted. Lack of unconditional self-love can even spill over into your spiritual/religious life and influence how you feel G-d sees you. It can create obstacles and dampen your dreams and desires.

While it can be a lifelong process, the more you can learn to love yourself, the more fulfilling your life will be. Knowing what makes you happy connects you to your deeper passions and sense of purpose. It gives you room for self-forgiveness and self-advocacy. It means not taking situations too personally, yet being willing to find growth opportunities in every moment. It gives you courage to ask for others' help and guidance, rather than being stubbornly independent and overly tough. When you love yourself, you can dream of a brighter future and then take appropriate and inspired action toward it.

With all of what we get from moving toward unconditionally loving and accepting ourselves "warts and all," who wouldn't want to begin the journey toward self-love?!

If you're interested in the possibility of becoming self-loving, I invite you to participate in 28 Days of Creative Self-Loving, a daily encounter with delicious tools and fun exercises, music and affirmations throughout the month of February. Find more online at www.cherylsbridges.com/services #28Days #CreativeSelfLove