Happy Halloween/Samhain!

Here we are, two days after the Hunter’s full moon and two days before Hallowe’en, or as originally celebrated, “Samhain.” This “super” full moon gives us an opportunity to see clearly that which is not usually well lit. Perhaps there are a few things hiding in the shadows of our hearts that need to be coaxed into the gentle light of the moon so that we can see them for what they are. In the moonlit nights of this week, we can explore what we need to let go of and what we desire to hug more fully.

      As they come into view, we can embrace these shadowy parts of ourselves for the ways they guide us and help us, even when it might not be by completely healthy means. As they are illuminated more clearly, we can see those hidden parts of us for what they are and love them for their good intentions. We can heal their sense of separation from the truth of Who We Really Are.

      During the Super Moon this week, we are facing situations and people that might be standing in the way of our own self-worth and self-love. A lot of the times, that person is us!  The October moon guides the final hunt of the season before we wrap ourselves into the cocoon of winter. With what and with whom do you want to be snuggling in the coming months? Are there obstacles you can clear from your pathway to learning to love yourself more fully?

      By the light of the Hunter’s moon, we can see our way clearly to Hallowe’en/Samhain. October 31st is traditionally celebrated as the night when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is the thinnest—a liminal time, a threshold opening between us and otherworldly beings.

     The Celtic tradition of leaving out food for those who have left their bodies in the past year and dressing in disguises are what originated the practices connected with Hallowe’en. If the spirits are full and satiated, they will be less likely to hang around those of us remaining in the physical realm! And, if they don’t recognize us, they’re not likely to drag us along with them! Bonfires were also burned to light the spirits’ way across the threshold.

      Because of the spirit world’s closeness, Samhain is a time for honoring those who have crossed over and are loving and guiding us from the other side. Who is it that you would choose to honor on Hallowe’en night? What did they love on this side of life that you might have on hand in memory of their earthly existence? It might be food or may just as well be music, poetry, or something else that was precious to them.

      You might also visit the places that were important to your loved ones. Place some fall flowers on their graves or in the woods as a way of acknowledging the nearness of their spirits. Another way to honor them is to set out pictures of them, reminders of when you were with them in the physical world. Share some stories of those times with young ones, or write them down for future generations.  

     For many spiritual practitioners, Samhain also marks the end of the year. That’s a double-whammy invitation into introspection that began earlier this week with the full moon! Take some time to look through your journals from the past 12 months. If you’re not a journaler, then give yourself some pause from your daily busyness to explore the time that has passed since last Hallowe’en. Consider these questions as you reflect:

  • Where have you grown in your life—spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally?
  • What is different from a year ago? Does it align with your desires, or is it taking a ziggy-zaggy route?
  • What has stayed the same that you still want to change?
  • In what ways have you expanded your mind and opened your heart? Where is there room for improvement?
  • What are the places of gratitude you see across the year? How do you want to unfold in the coming year? As we go into hibernation, what preparation for that unfoldment would you like to undertake in the stillness of winter?
  • What dreams will need your energy and focus now and as the year unfolds?
  • What does self-love look like to you in the upcoming months? How can you shift into more love for yourself?

As Tuesday’s full moon lights your path into Samhain and the new year, I trust you will find love for yourself in its glow. Be in appreciation of those who have blazed the path before you. And, may the light of self-love guide you on your way to new beginnings!