So Long, Farewell...!

Did you know that today is called, "Good Riddance Day"? Good Riddance Day comes just before the new calendar year begins as a time to get rid of unwanted paperwork. Cities all over the U.S. set up community shredding for people to bring all their papers for instant disposal, shredding, and recycling. 

What an awesome way to end 2015 and a gorgeous concept for bigger good-byes! What is it that you need to get rid of these final days of the year? What issues can you say good-bye to--once and for all--so that the year ahead will be more free? Are there patterns you need to eliminate in order to create NEW in your life?

It's a great time to signal the Universe your willingness to let go of old ways of being. Clean out a closet, organize your desk, put your old photos in date order--anything that symbolizes GOOD RIDDANCE to obstacles and tasks that always seem to be standing in the way of your desires.

Go big by deciding to be done with situations that no longer serve you. Practice saying N-O over the next 3 days to the things that drain your energy. Dare to speak truth "even if your voice shakes." Choose one relationship you are ready to change and begin right now to shift it. Turn in your resignation from that job you despise, or at the very least, brush up your resume and start sharing it.

What can you say, "So Long!" to this day of Good Riddance? What needs to get set to the curb--emotionally, mentally, physically, even spiritually--for the garbage collector to take away? Last week, I started making a list of old patterns and mythic stories that continue to play in my head from childhood. You know, lingering lies like feeling small and insignificant and thinking that says I'm not good enough. I'm so OVER these old, worn-out stories, I'm ready to say, "Good Riddance!" I'm going to collect them into a dusty cardboard box and hand them over to my angels to shred. I'm going to trust the Universe to recycle all the energy they've been draining from my soul so that I can focus on the most juicy, joy-full truths of Who I Really Am.

Listen closely to your heart. What are the items that are ready to be chucked out of your life today? What's weighing you down? Don't let the fears and tears of "I don't know how...." get in the way of today's task. Be done, once and for all, with those niggling issues that stand in the way of the fire within you. Say, "Good riddance!" and make room for awesome!